The Chinese port city of Xiamen was locked down in early February, as the Covid-19 coronavirus spread beyond its epicenter in Hubei Province. Now though, life in the city is returning to normal, and one factory is busy pumping out bobblehead figurines of Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and President Donald Trump’s coronavirus adviser. 

“We don’t know much about Anthony Fauci,” the factory’s manager told RT’s video news agency, Ruptly. However, Western orders of Fauci’s likeness have kept workers on their toes.

“We can produce 1,000 of Fauci’s dolls a day. The order we received is 30,000. It will take about 35 days to produce them,” the manager said, adding that profits will be used to purchase masks for those in need in China.

Why Fauci? For the simple act of occasionally correcting Trump’s off-the-cuff press conference proclamations, the doctor has carved out a fan base among American liberals. Fauci t-shirts, Fauci prayer candles, Fauci donuts and Fauci beer have all been flogged online in recent weeks.

In fact, the bobbleheads rolling out of the Xiamen factory are likely the same ones offered for sale by the Bobblehead Hall of Fame in the US – from the circular podium to Fauci’s ‘flatten the curve’ hand gesture. 

The hall of fame’s website doesn’t mention that its figurines are made in China, but that likely wouldn’t dissuade buyers too much. After all, these same customers probably disapproved of Trump’s description of the virus as a “Chinese Virus,” and wouldn’t mind seeing some of their cash going to help the Chinese buy masks and equipment.

Fauci was far from a household name before the coronavirus pandemic. However, he is not the first faceless government official to be lionized by the anti-Trump crowd. During Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ‘Russiagate’ investigation, Americans whose hopes for impeachment rested on Mueller’s shoulders lined up to buy all kinds of tacky merchandise bearing the former FBI director’s likeness. 

Alas, no amount of “Saint Robert Mueller Prayer Candles” could magic up any Russian collusion, and the Special Counsel’s investigation didn’t deliver Democrats the ammunition to unseat Trump. One can only hope that Fauci is more successful at eliminating the coronavirus than Mueller was at ending the Trump presidency. 

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