Counselor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway says the FEMA model has not been reviewed by the White House coronavirus task force on ‘Fox & Friends.’

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White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said on Tuesday that there should be transparency and accountability for the FBI’s handling of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn during its Russia investigation.

“Michael Flynn was castigated, denigrated, and as he told the New York Post in an interview yesterday, probably treated more unfairly than anyone else,” Conway told “Fox & Friends.”

Conway said that the “Obama-Biden people” in the FBI sent agents to the White House a few days into the beginning of the Trump administration in 2016.

“Did they come here to help? Did they come here to warn us that Michael Flynn is a Russian asset? ….  No,” Conway said.


The documents in question reveal conversations on whether the FBI’s “goal” was “to get [Flynn] to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired.” The unsealed notes further suggest that agents planned in the alternative to get Flynn “to admit to breaking the Logan Act.”

“Any criminal investigation grounded in Logan Act questions is an obvious political pretext to attack the Trump Administration,” GOP Reps. Jim Jordan and Mike Johnson wrote to FBI Director Christopher Wray on Monday, in a letter seeking in-person interviews and key documents.

The lawmakers are also specifically seeking to question a mysterious FBI agent, Joe Pientka, who participated in the January 2017 White House interview that led to Flynn’s prosecution.

“We will find out who was in that room and we already know that the fix was in,” Conway said. She added that the current FBI Director Christopher Wray and former FBI Director James Comey should speak.

“We have every need to know transparently what happened,” Conway said, agreeing with Rep. Jim Jordan’s, R-Ohio, call for the FBI officials to come before Congress.

“[Comey] lied, too. He’s a liar and leaker. He lied under oath in Congress,” Conway continued.

“I want to hear also the people at the top echelon of the FBI who tried to prevent Trump from being elected were political with their jobs on taxpayer dollars. They continued to do that after he got elected during the transition and in the early days of our administration, through Michael Flynn.”

Fox News Julia Musto contributed to this report.

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