Ferguson – who was pictured dancing with a drip stand while he was kept in hospital for treatment of injuries including a fractured eye socket following his savage defeat against Gaethje – hit back at McGregor’s accusations of betrayal over his departure from Paradigm Sports Management more than a year ago, leaving a company that has McGregor on its books.

In a typically withering tirade of tweets on Monday, the notorious fighter claimed he had “represented” Ferguson before he left “for a baseball contract,” but the beaten American hit back by revealing that Paradigm boss Audie Attar told him that “you never represented me.”

“If so, then you worked for me and withheld money from me,” declared Ferguson. “You’re still my b***h. Focus on putting the bottle down, kid.”

El Cucuy called his new agents at Ballengee Group “gold standard,” adding: “Must be hard watching from the sidelines. Keep it up, chump.”

McGregor needed little invitation to mock the gruesome injuries that saw Ferguson kept in a Jacksonville hospital following his fifth-round defeat in the Octagon, referencing International Nurses Day while blasting Ferguson’s abilities.

“Shut up and thank the nurses and doctors that plated back up your skull and stitched all those gashes up,” he said.

“And learn how to box. Fumbling over your feet like a f**king buffoon – we’d be embarrassed to represent that at Paradigm Sports.”

McGregor lashed out at Gaethje and Khabib Nurmagomedov earlier in the week, calling the Russian an “absolute embarrassment” and a “scurrying rat” while promising the UFC 249 headliner that he would “f**king butcher” him in a fight and put his teeth “on a f**king necklace”.

He appeared to be incensed by Gaethje questioning his parenting abilities, using the platform on which he has more than eight million followers to furiously retort: “Speak on my skills as a father? You are f**king dead.”

Nurmagomedov offered a consolatory message to Ferguson before reminding McGregor about his victory over him in October 2018, asking: “Have you forgotten how I knock you down, or are you typing tweets drunk? At the end, you gave up.”

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McGregor seemed to suggest that the success of the championship depended on him at the end of his latest rant, concluding: “Without me, this whole ship sinks. Never forget that.”

Fans were less convinced. “You’ve fought like twice in four years,” replied one.

“Yet here we are, with the UFC still going on and you doing your fighting nowhere other than Twitter.”

Another added: “He made Khabib’s career. However, Khabib ended his.”

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