Patrick Patel, who is one of the representatives defending Baker against four counts of armed robbery with a firearm and four counts of aggravated assault, has reacted furiously to a photo and text message posted on Twitter by a lawyer for Seahawks cornerback Dunbar, claiming that Baker has been falsely framed.

The tweet, which appeared to show the organizer of the party bragging about the sums won two days before the incident to the absent Dunbar, tacitly implied that Baker was one of the men in the photo concealed by an overlay of a smiley face, according to Patel.

One of Dunbar’s lawyers, Michael Grieco, tweeted the message that seemed to show a message from the friend telling Dunbar: “You missed some good money yesterday, bro…Baker even beat him.

“We beat him out of $10,000 on the game and then it was shooting dice…another $60,000 out there.”

The arrest warrant in Florida stated that Baker and Dunbar could have lost $70,000 at the games night, suggesting that the event and their losses had acted as motivation for the alleged theft.

“If…Quinton Dunbar lost a bunch of money earlier in the week at some gambling party, suggesting he had motive, why did the organizer text Dunbar about not knowing about the prior party and what went down?” asked Grieco on Wednesday.

“Answer: because he wasn’t there. Did the ‘victims’ accuse the wrong guy of robbery or did they fabricate this motive just like they did the whole rest of the case?

“Good thing I can account for Quinton’s whereabouts [on] all three days prior to the alleged robbery for good measure.”

Patel, who is also defending Baker against allegations that he pointed a gun at a victim and told an unidentified masked assailant to shoot someone walking into the party, called the tweet “complete bullsh*t.”

The attorney pointed to the size of the arms on the table, the tattoos on show and the size of the financial figures mentioned as clear evidence that Baker was not present.

“You can say anybody is that person,” he hit back to the New York Post, promising to immediately sue Grieco on behalf of his client for libel and slander relating to “making everybody believe that Baker is in that picture.”

“Wasn’t it everybody’s bullsh*t at the beginning that my client, Baker, lost $70,000? Now go read the text.

“The text is saying Baker won $10,000. Look at the size of the arms and the tats. It’s not him.’’

Unlike their lawyers, Baker and Dunbar remain friends, Patel said, adding that he has a video from the party to back up his defense and previous claims that Baker was playing the Madden NFL video game in a separate room when he left after hearing a “ruckus”.

“DeAndre has no knowledge of anybody in those texts, who sent it, to who. Let the guy come forward.

“I cannot wait to get Grieco on the stand and cross-examine him on how he got that text, who he got the text from.’’

The Post said that Patel had accused Grieco of using a previous assault case against Sean Taylor, the former Redskins player who was shot dead at home in 2007, to promote his work as a nightclub DJ, as well as his resignation as a Miami Beach commissioner after facing charges of accepting an illegal campaign contribution.

Baker entered a plea of not guilty to all eight counts against him, while Dunbar also pleaded not guilty to the four counts of armed robbery he is facing.

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