Well-known Covid-19 sceptic Kharitinov posted a montage of clips to Instagram in which a series of experts disputed the effectiveness and even categorically denied the preventive advantages wearing a face mask would have against the virus.

“We’ll be wearing these muzzles for a long time, if only doctors wore them in hospitals before, then now they have dressed the entire world in them,” Kharitonov wrote in the caption. 

“I think those that wore them, they don’t just laugh but are laughing their heads off at us, we are clowns for them and like my strategy tutor in military school said: ‘CANNON FODDER’.”

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The 39-year-old also hinted the safety wear is part of a wider conspiracy to offer mask production contracts to influential individuals by way of corruption.

Kharitonov continued: “I will further answer why we will wear these masks for a long time to come, because there is information that they are building whole factories in Russia for the production of masks, the bidding for which only ‘the right people’ are winning and facilities will make the purchasing of masks obligatory, so this is just the beginning. And this clip once again confirms that masks in no way protect us from the virus.”

The 30-7 Bellator heavyweight has previously admitted to willingly trying to infect himself with coronavirus and has championed cold water as a natural antidote to the disease, also hailing Belarusian president Alexander Lushenko as “the most adequate coronavirus expert on the planet”.

In Moscow, citizens are bound by law to wear face masks and protective gloves when on public transport and in shops, legislation which came into effect earlier this month.

The Russian capital was also the location where Kharitonov admitted he willingly went to “places where people cough” in an effort to contract Covid-19 and “feel what it is like”.

Kharitonov’s battle against protocol enforced to deal with the biggest worldwide crisis in decades perhaps isn’t even the most daunting battle he’s accepted this month; earlier in May, Kharitonov announced he had “accepted the call” to face heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson, through Russian boxing promoter Vladimir Khryunov. 

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“I never dreamed of facing Tyson. In my childhood I was a fan of his and he was my idol,” Kharitonov said. “I think that if we fight in the rules of boxing, then we will give a great fight, show great technique and gather many fans of boxing and the sprt will be even more popular in our country. Therefore I accept the call. Only forward!”

Tyson, who became the youngest ever heavyweight champion of the world aged 22 and going by the name ‘kid dynamite’, has teased talk of a comeback by posting a series of stunning Instagram videos showing off his impressive physique even at the age of 53, proving ‘Iron Mike’ has gathered little to no ring rust in the years gone by.

Niche fight organization Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) announced they had made an offer of a guaranteed $20 million to Tyson, who said he is “fighting with the spirit of Mao” in his latest topless Instagram video.

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