Key developments in the global coronavirus outbreak today include:

The World Health Organization’s Africa office has said it now seems clear the coronavirus pandemic “appears to be taking a different pathway in Africa”, after it took 14 weeks for the continent to reach 100,000 cases.

The agency said: “Case numbers have not grown at the same exponential rate as in other regions and so far Africa has not experienced the high mortality seen in some parts of the world.” On Saturday, the 54 countries of the African Union reported a total of 103,933 cases of coronavirus and 3,183 deaths from Covid-19, while 41,473 people have recovered.

France has announced it will bring in a reciprocal 14-day quarantine for all visitors from the UK on the same day the UK imposes quarantine on all those coming into the country from abroad.

However, unlike in Britain where the rule will come into effect on 8 June, visitors will be asked to voluntarily self-quarantine at home. The French measure appears to be a tit-for-tat political move after the UK quarantine decision was announced without any apparent consultation.

China has recorded no new confirmed cases for the first time since the outbreak began. Beijing’s National Health Commission said on Saturday there were only two suspected cases in mainland China: in Shanghai and in the north-eastern Jilin province. New asymptomatic cases fell to 28 from 35 a day earlier, it said.

Confirmed cases in the mainland remain at 82,971, and the death toll at 4,634. The global toll stands at more than 5.2m cases and 338,000 deaths.

Downing Street is facing accusations of a cover-up over the prime minister’s chief adviser’s 264-mile journey at the height of the national lockdown. It comes amid reports that No 10 knew he made the trip to Durham, a northern city, after developing coronavirus symptoms.

Opposition parties have called on Boris Johnson to sack Dominic Cummings over the apparent lockdown breach, which was revealed in an investigation by the Guardian and the Mirror.

The 102-year-old firm has filed for bankruptcy protection in the US after its business all but vanished during the pandemic.

Hertz said in a US court filing on Friday it had voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 reorganisation. Its international operating regions including Europe, Australia and New Zealand were not included in the proceedings.

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