A six-year-old Iranian boy who first stunned the world with his incredible football and gymnastics skills has now amazed followers with his surprisingly chiseled physique. 

Arat Hosseini has been trained from a young age by his father who posts images of his son on his Instagram page.

In them, the six-year-old is pictured showing off his toned six pack and biceps, which are unusually pronounced for someone of his age.

Born in Iran, Arat now lives in Liverpool so he can train with Liverpool FC’s academy. 

The pictures have lead to many of his four million Instagram followers to say he could be the strongest six-year-old in the world.

Arat gained international attention when videos emerged of him scaling walls in his parents’ house when he was just three, and when he was four, a video of him playing football also went viral.

The video, in which many viewers mistook Arat for a girl with his long hair, showed him in a Real Madrid shirt while dribbling a football with an incredible amount of control for someone of his age. 

He reportedly trains hard because he wants to look like his idol, global football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, who currently plays for Juventus in Italy.

Arat’s father, Mohammad, has reportedly been training him since he was a toddler. He has said that his son first started doing gymnastics when he was nine-months-old.

It wasn’t until he was around one, though, that the family began to take the youngster’s athletic talents more seriously, allowing him to train for around 20 minutes per day, his parents have said.

Through dedicated training, he has been able to master a number of complicated gymnastic poses and athletic feats, with Mohammad overseeing his son’s development every step of the way. 

Arat soon discovered football, and proved to be very skilled at it, and has even drawn praise from Ronaldo and Barcelona’s Lionel Messi – another of his idols.

Speaking to Iran Front Page, Mohammad said: ‘After realising my son’s talents, at the suggestion of those around me, I opened a page on Instagram, which was extraordinarily welcomed not only in Iran but also abroad.’

Arat has previously spoken of his dream to become an Olympic champion and to play for Spanish super-club Barcelona FC. In addition to training with Liverpool’s academy, he has reportedly drawn interest from Arsenal, Manchester United and Barcelona.

Mohammad has said that while he and Arat have no intention of returning to Iran permanently, they wanted to go home for the holidays.

‘We have no intention of returning to Iran. We wanted to travel to Iran for a few weeks for the holidays, but it was not possible due to the cancellation of flights after the outbreak of the coronavirus.’ 

The father has drawn some criticism for pushing Arat too hard and thus depriving him of his childhood, but he has said that Arat has always been an active child and is very interested in athletic activities.

He maintains that he has only helped guide Arat by training him, and has always acted in his son’s best interests.

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