The Slovenian referee has called his attendance at a business lunch in the Bosnian city of Bijeljina “my biggest mistake” after he was allowed home on Friday following a raid in which police arrested a gang of people on suspicion of carrying cocaine and firearms and pimping prostitutes.

Purported footage from the scene, posted by BN TV, showed several men sitting with their arms tied behind their backs near a selection of guns, as well as clips of women modeling for photoshoots and drinking champagne in glamorous settings as part of a ring allegedly led by Tijana Maksimovic.

“We had nothing to do with it,” Vincic told Vecer, saying that the footage of the arrests, when police also reportedly recovered around $11,000 in cash, had been “shown too dramatically.”

“There were no orgies. I didn’t see any guns.

“I have my own company. I was in Bosnia and Herzegovina for a business meeting. I accepted an invitation to lunch, which turned out to be my biggest mistake. I regret it.

“I was sitting at a table with my company when all of a sudden the police came and what happened, happened. I have nothing to do with the group that was arrested and detained, and nor do my business partners.

“The police took us as witnesses. When it turned out that we didn’t even know them, we were allowed to go.”

A report in Slovenian outlet 24 Sata had claimed that Vincic had planned to “use the sexual services” provided by Maksimovic – also known as Tijana Ajfon.

The lover of high fashion was shown working out in the gym and taking selfies in a mirror as part of the video from the raid linked to the glamorous centerfold model.

Maksimovic uses her Instagram account, where she has more than 101,000 followers, almost exclusively for posting pictures of herself in tiny outfits, showing off her newspaper shoots and posing in front of cars.

Vlado Sajn, the president of the Association of Football Referees of Slovenia, said Vincic had returned to his homeland after becoming the victim of “a web of unfortunate circumstances.”

“He found himself in this place at the wrong time,” he explained. “He was invited to a party where there was a large group of people – he did not know the vast majority.

“There was a raid, 15 people were arrested, and all the others were allegedly brought to the police station to testify as witnesses.”

The 40-year-old referee, who has taken charge of matches involving English Premier League title contenders Liverpool and Manchester City in the Champions League this season, called the episode “a nightmare.”

“I’m going through very difficult times,” he admitted, refusing to comment on the implications for his refereeing career.

“When I turn this movie back on, I think I’m dreaming. I want to sleep. I want peace and privacy.”

Sajn said the association considered the situation to be over. “For us, the case is closed unless some new information arises,” he added. “But from what I’ve gathered so far, I don’t believe it could.

“If he were suspected or charged with a crime, it would, of course, be very bad for his career, but he is not guilty of anything.”

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