International judo is on hold because of the coronavirus, but that doesn’t stop three champions telling us about what makes the Olympic sport so great. In this episode we hear about the importance of modesty.

“knowing your strengths but also your weaknesses.”

Teddy Riner is world’s most successful judoka. He was double Olympic Champion in 2012 and 2016. The French heavyweight has also won ten world titles, more than anyone, and five European titles. He was double junior world champion, athlete of the year and has been honoured worldwide. Big Teddy, as he is affectionately known is 2.05m and has been undefeated in 152 contests since 2010 for 152 contests. His latest victory was the Grand Prix in Montreal.

“I think modesty is a really important value nowadays, especially for people who are successful…It’s being able to talk about yourself without forgetting where you come from, knowing your strengths but also your weaknesses.”

Teddy Riner
French Judoka

Martyna Trajdos: “never underestimate any opponent.”

“A lot can happen on the mat; the competitor ranked number one in the world could lose to the person ranked one-hundredth.”

Martyna Trajdos
German Judoka

Germany’s Martyna Trajdos won bronze at the World Championships in Tokyo in 2019. Among many other honours, she also clinched the Grand Slam in Ekaterinburg in 2017 and European Championship bronze in Tel Aviv in 2018.

Copyright Judo Values
German judoka Martyna TrajdosCopyright Judo Values

Idalys Ortiz: “For me everyone is the same.”

Cuban judoka Idalys Ortiz became Olympic Champion in London in 2012 and won silver in 2016 in Rio. Ortiz had already won Olympic bronze in 2008 in Beijing. She was World Champion in 2013 and 2014. In 2019 and 2018 she won silver and in 2015 she won World bronze in Astana. In addition, she won the Grand Prix in Budapest and Hohhot in 2019 and her first Grand Slam gold in Osaka in 2018.

“Judo makes people better. It teaches us, in our blood, to be respectful, courteous and modest.”

Idalys Ortiz
Cuban Judoka

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