Bezos says Amazon ‘happy to lose’ customers who like many who opposed “Black Lives Matter” movement; Fox Business’ Charles Payne weighs in.

Fox Business host Charles Payne told “Bill Hemmer Reports” Monday that he found Amazon’s public support of the Black Lives Matter movement to be disingenuous, and said the online retail giant should do more for black employees.

Over the weekend, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said he would be “happy to lose” customers like a man who sent a profanity-laced email attacking the company’s “Black Lives Matter” message. Amazon and other corporations have advanced that message as protests continue in response to George Floyd’s death.

“A lot of companies are writing checks, making statements and it’s the cool, hip thing to do,” Payne said. “And to a degree, I’m not surprised … I looked at Amazon and they — while they have a fair amount of black folks working for them, very few of them make it up to the ranks of manager.

“If Jeff Bezos wants to really put his money where his mouth is, he probably should be providing more internal opportunities for his workers.”

Amazon claims that 26.5 percent of its employees and 8.3 percent of its managers are African-American.


Payne added that a lot of companies were engaging in “woke” political correctness that he thought was a “farce.”

“I liked the old days when I didn’t know where a CEO was donating money and I didn’t necessarily care what a CEO did in their private lives and all that kind of stuff,” he said. “I will say this, though, that ship has sailed. We’re in now what they call ‘the ESG’ part of investing — environmental, social, and governance. We’re going to be zeroing in on what the companies do, how they flush their toilets, where they put their money.

“It’s really about being politically correct and it’s now taken over the investing world, whether you like it or not.”

Hemmer suggested that Amazon should invest in minority-owned businesses that were destroyed during riots in Minneapolis and across America.

“It would be an amazing move for them,” Payne agreed. “It would be amazing since they’re accused of putting so many of those small businesses out of business in the first place, it’s a golden opportunity for them to really show some real sympathy for people who are out there working really hard.

“I’m not saying they’re mutually exclusive. You could be for Black Lives Matter, you could be for strong policing, and you could also be for small businesses,” the “Making Money” host added. “Jeff Bezos was in a pickle, his company was revolting against him, and this was sort of [a] ‘In a case of emergency, break glass’ [statement]. You’ve got a woke … way to get out of it. So I find it to be just a little disingenuous.”

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