Following leaked audio purportedly featuring Neymar’s voice, the Paris Saint-Germain striker has been accused of discrimination against sexual minorities by an LGBT group in his native Brazil. The group has filed a lawsuit against the international football star, alleging that he spoke about the possibility of violence against his mother’s young lover.

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Spanish outlet Mundo Deportivo reported that Ramos was admitted to hospital after an incident that left the young man with cuts to his arm. Both Ramos and Neymar’s mother, Nadine Goncalves, reported the incident as a domestic accident, but audio which allegedly features Neymar suggested that the striker believed differently, and led him to make violent threats toward his mother’s lover.

In audio reportedly taken from a private broadcast on the gaming streaming platform Twitch, Neymar allegedly called Tiago, who has openly stated he has had relationships with men in the past, “viadinho,” a disparaging term used against homosexuals.

Reports state he also supported a suggestion by one of his friends that someone should insert a broomstick in Tiago’s anus.

In addition, he reportedly refuted the suggestion that Tiago’s injuries had been caused by him falling down the stairs and smashing into glass, claiming that the distance between the staircase and the glass was too large.

The leaked audio has led the LGBT Association in Brazil to issue legal proceedings against Neymar, stating that the striker’s comments not only sexually discriminated against Tiago, but also threatened him with death.

The association’s note sent to the public ministry on the matter stated that “by reporting that the mother’s boyfriend is bisexual, he (Neymar) and his friends hinted at the possibility of assaulting a gay man, including the insertion of a broom into the anus of the mother’s boyfriend.”

It’s understood that the lawsuit also asked that Neymar and his friends be detained to reduce the chance of threats being issued to potential witnesses, and for the safety of Tiago himself.

At the time of writing, no response has been issued by Neymar’s legal representatives.

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