ITAR-TASS: ROSTOV-ON-DON, RUSSIA. OCTOBER 19, 2012. A Mi-35M multipurpose military transport helicopter for combat missions produced by Rostvertol. (Photo ITAR-TASS/ Tina Shaposhnikova) Россия. Ростов-на-Дону. Многоцелевой ударный вертолет Ми-35М производства предприятия “Роствертол”. Фото ИТАР-ТАСС/ Тина Шапошникова

NUR-SULTAN, June 23. /TASS/. Four new Russian-made multifunctional attack helicopters Mi-35M have arrived at an airbase in western Kazakhstan as part of the country’s rearmament program, the Kazakh Defense Ministry’s press service reported Tuesday

“The Mi-35M contains high-performance flight characteristics, and can be used effectively under various weather conditions. In addition to its primary combat designation, the Mi-35M helicopter may be used to transport personnel and cargo, and it can evacuate the sick and wounded accompanied by a paramedic,” the statement said.

According to the agency, the flight and the technical crew were retrained both theoretically and practically for this type of helicopter.

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