A Conservative MP from Calgary has fired a summer student working in his office following allegations that someone stole campaign data from party leadership contender Erin O’Toole.

Greg McLean — one of dozens of MPs who have endorsed O’Toole — made the announcement in a terse statement Tuesday morning.

“Upon learning of a breach of trust involving a summer student in my office, I immediately took action and the individual was terminated,” said McLean, the MP for Calgary Centre.

“This matter is entirely regrettable.”

McLean’s office later confirmed the firing was in connection with allegations lobbed by the O’Toole campaign late Friday night.

In a statement, O’Toole’s campaign accused rival Peter MacKay’s campaign of hacking into a trove of confidential campaign information, and downloading it, allowing it access to strategy and planning intelligence.

The MacKay campaign has denied the allegations, and none has been proven in court.

O’Toole’s campaign says it has referred the matter to three separate police agencies.

The RCMP have confirmed they are reviewing the issue.

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