ITAR-TASS: VLADIVOSTOK, RUSSIA. JULY 29, 2012. The Koreyets gunboat of the Russian Navy, serving in the Russian Pacific Fleet, in a naval parade celebrating the Navy Day of Russia. (Photo ITAR-TASS/ Yury Smityuk) Россия. Владивосток. 29 июля. МПК “Кореец” во время парада кораблей Тихоокеанского флота в День ВМФ России. Фото ИТАР-ТАСС/ Юрий Смитюк

VLADIVOSTOK, June 29. /TASS/. The Pacific Fleet’s anti-submarine warfare ships and submarine forces held tactical drills in the Sea of Japan, the Fleet’s press office reported on Monday.

“In accordance with the combat training plan, a tactical exercise was held in the Sea of Japan, during which a diesel submarine of the Primorye Flotilla of All-Arms Forces carried out an attack on a group of a notional enemy’s ships, the press office said in a statement.

Despite the anti-submarine warfare ships’ active measures, the submarine managed to stealthily penetrate the area, detect the ships that simulated an assault force and attack the tactical group successfully with four practice torpedoes, the statement says.

Also, the naval strike force comprising the small anti-submarine warfare ships Koreyets, Sovetskaya Gavan and MPK-221 was assigned the task of detecting and eliminating a notional enemy’s submarine. The strike group’s operations were supported by an Il-38 anti-submarine warfare plane. The submarine was detected and attacked with rocket-propelled depth charges and torpedoes, the press office said.

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