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Would you have guessed this was a blind date?

An Indiana photo shoot is lighting up social media for bringing together two strangers together for a blind date, creatively caught on camera with a portrait series.

(McCaffry Photography LLC)

McCaffry Photography recently shared images from the intimate outdoor photo shoot, in a Facebook post that has since gone wildly viral with 60,000 shares, 49,000 likes and 18,000 comments.

Photographer Lindsey McCaffry was inspired to coordinate the project during the quarantine, WTHR reports, ultimately selecting applicants Karmon Waite and Daniel Allen from the open call.


(McCaffry Photography LLC)

“Everybody is so invested in social media and screens and I thought, go back to the old face-to-face meeting,” the Lafayette-area photographer said of the idea.

The selected contenders found out they had been chosen just a few days before the big photo op, only learning they’d be posing with a motorcycle and getting wet in a creek.

(McCaffry Photography LLC)

“I thought, ‘This is the craziest idea ever.’ I honestly had no idea that I actually would get selected,” Waite told the outlet.

“As soon as I walked up to him I whispered, ‘Are you nervous?’” she recalled. “He said, ‘Yeah man.’ So as soon as he said that, I’m like, ‘OK it’s going to be fine. We’re going to get along just fine.”

(McCaffry Photography LLC)

When the blindfolds came off, both models were all smiles.

(McCaffry Photography LLC)

“I was awestruck. It could have been a thousand different people and I had this beautiful young woman standing in front of me,” Allen said.

And from there, the rest came easy. “Their chemistry was amazing,” McCaffry told WTTV.


(McCaffry Photography LLC)

Thrilled with the final product, the photographer feels the shoot truly tells the story of a classic blind date.

“You’re nervous, you don’t know what to expect and by the end of it, if it goes well, you’re relaxed and having a good time,” she explained.

According to the outlet, Waite and Allen have since exchanged phone numbers – and a few text messages – much to the delight of Facebook fans. Some gushed over the pictures, and yearned for sparks to fly.

(McCaffry Photography LLC)

“Holy smokes!! The chemistry!” one commenter exclaimed.

“They seriously look like a couple!!” another agreed.


“Can me and my husband just pretend it’s a first date? I need some fireworks people,” another joked. “This is too cute and looks like so much fun.”

Hopeless romantics wishing for a similar meet-cute of their own might just be in luck, as the photography business has teased on Facebook that there might be a second round of entries for another blind date photo shoot.

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