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A runaway horse in Ireland was rescued earlier this week after bolting more than a mile into the Atlantic Ocean, according to officials.

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) Bundoran Lifeboat Station said on Facebook the incident happened on Monday on a beach in Donegal.

“This was another callout with a good outcome,” said lifeboat helmsman Killian O’Kelly. “Animals are as prone as people to get in trouble in the water and we were glad to be able to help out on this occasion.”


The RNLI said it responded to reports of a horse in the water off Murvagh Beach near Donegal town shortly after 5:40 p.m.

A lifeboat crew in Ireland helped rescue a horse that had bolted over a mile out into the Atlantic Ocean on Monday.
(RNLI Bundoran Lifeboat Station via Storyful)

When crews arrived, they found the horse over a mile from shore, and gradually coaxed it back to its owner waiting on the beach.

The RNLI said it took crew members nearly an hour to entice the animal back to shore.
(RNLI Bundoran Lifeboat Station via Storyful)

Footage released by the RNLI Bundoran Lifeboat Station showed the rescue boat approaching the horse.

It took crew members nearly an hour to get the animal to head back to dry land.


RNLI press officer Shane Smyth told the Irish Times the town’s lifeboat crew was unable to get too close to the animal out of fears it could have jumped into the boat.

“It could have turned out much worse, particularly if the horse’s head had gone under the water, it would not have been a nice outcome,” he told the news outlet.

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