OPPO announced Monday it will cooperate with Vodafone and Ericsson to construct the first 5G standalone network in the United Kingdom and offer network slicing services, 163.com reported.

The construction marks a milestone in 5G SA network establishment in Europe. The new network, built in the UK’s Coventry University, introduced Qualcomm’s Snapdragon865 chip and MediaTek’s Dimensity 1000 chip.

Based on OPPO’s smartphones, the Find X2 Pro and Reno 3, OPPO co-developed phone-end network slicing approaches with Qualcomm and MediaTek, allowing users to switch network slices of their own volition for better experiences according to application scenarios.

One network slice satisfies general internet browsing, the other network slice serves campus internal networks for information sharing and short latency, high-definition remote courses.

According to the 3rd Generation Partnership Project’s definition, 5G is sorted by non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) networks.

SA refers to those with standalone structures applying 5G base stations and 5G core networks, which is a trend for future development.

Currently, major network providers around the world are vigorously deploying the 5G SA network.

The 5G network slicing technology is applied, based on the 5G core network, to virtually slice a 5G network into several end-to-end networks.

Each of these networks has independent resources and doesn’t affect one another, so as to manipulate 5G network resources in a more efficient way.

According to 163.com, OPPO has cooperated with more than 40 network providers in Europe and established a long-term, sustainable 5G eco-system with its partners.

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