The RCMP’s national security team has charged a Quebec man with advocating genocide, a first in the province’s history, according to a police news release, after he allegedly left “disturbing posts” online directed at the prime minister and the Muslim community.

André Audet, 62, of Boucherville, faces a list of charges in connection with the alleged threats.

“The investigators identified approximately one hundred hate posts, threats and/or posts inciting violence in the targeted accounts. For example, the accused called for the death of Justin Trudeau and encouraged the eradication of Muslims,” said a statement from the RCMP Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET).

“It is presumed that André Audet used a variety of pseudonyms on a number of social media networks.”

Audet previously appeared in court in December 2019 in relation to the same investigation, but new charges will be laid today, said police.

They include:

The RCMP said Audet is expected to appear at the Longueuil courthouse today.

Monday’s news comes more than a week after a man allegedly breached the grounds at Rideau Hall with multiple loaded firearms and uttered a threat against Trudeau.

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