President Trump on Wednesday called on the Iranian regime to stop the execution of three protesters that were expected imminently — warning that it would send a “terrible signal to the world.”

“Three individuals were sentenced to death in Iran for participating in protests. The execution is expected momentarily. Executing these three people sends a terrible signal to the world and should not be done!” he said, adding the hashtag #StopExecutionsInIran and also tweeting it out in Persian.


The three men — Amirhossein Moradi, Saeed Tamjidi and Mohammad Rajabi — were sentenced for their roles in the November 2019 uprisings against the regime that began over soaring fuel prices.

The crackdown from Tehran was brutal, with the U.S. estimating that more than 1,500 protesters were killed by the regime.

There has been a concerted online campaign against the upcoming executions, by human rights organizations including Amnesty International, which says that three men have been tortured and subjected to an unfair trial.

The New York Times reports that the campaign has pulled in support from soccer stars, pop singers and other celebrities in the country, and caused the #DontExecute hashtag to trend globally.

The Trump administration has been putting significant pressure on the regime in Tehran since it withdrew the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018. It has imposed sanctions, and highlighted human rights abuses.

Trump’s call comes days before Iranian dissidents hold their annual summit calling for the regime’s overthrow.

The Free Iran Global Summit will be held Friday and feature dissidents, lawmakers and high-profile figures such as Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and former Sen. Joe Lieberman, who are scheduled to speak at the event.

The event will warn about the growing use of terrorism in the region and Europe by the regime, and will call for the international community to act and support regime change.

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