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Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden called Arizona “an important city” during an interview on the 2020 election.

The former vice president made the blunder during a recent appearance on NBC 12.

“Arizona is very much in play in 2020, so we appreciate you taking some time and talk to the people of our state,” host Mark Curtis said.

“Oh, you’re an important city. You guys are going through hell right now, are ya?” Biden responded.

“We really are with the pandemic,” Curtis said.


Arizona has been rated as a “toss-up” in the presidential election by the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.

Around 10 minutes into the interview, a Biden aide apparently thought it had gone on long enough. The aide interrupted to tell the NBC 12 anchor this would be “the last question.”

Curtis asked another question, “What about China, friend or foe?” The Biden aide said Curtis’s time was up and Biden’s feed went black.

“Mark, that’s our time. Thanks so much,” the aide could be heard saying. But moments later Biden appeared full screen to give a lengthy answer. “We cannot stand by and let them take advantage, we have to make it clear that they have to play by the rules of the road,” Biden explained pointing to China’s treatment of its Uyghur population and Hong Kong.

“The way they’re operating is completely contrary to international norms,” the former vice president said. “What have we done? This president stays silent.”

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