Natalie Khawam, attorney, tells Sandra Smith on ‘America’s Newsroom’ Vanessa Guillen’s family will have a private meeting with Trump as they continue to search for answers on the murder case.

The attorney for slain Texas soldier Vanessa Guillen’s family alleged there are “cover-ups” taking place at Fort Hood.

“I think some of the questions we all have is, what happened? And how did this happen? And what kind of securities are we willing to do for all of our soldiers especially the ones in Fort Hood that are really afraid of the fact that there are no security cameras there at that base available for them,” attorney Natalie Khawam told “America’s Newsroom” on Thursday.

“And there are all these cover-ups that are occurring here,” she continued. “No one is giving anyone true answers, correct answers, accurate answers.”

She went on to say that “we’re all just really dumbfounded with how did this happen to a soldier on a U.S. base.”

Khawam made the comments one day after the woman accused of helping to dispose of Guillen’s remains pleaded not guilty to charges for her alleged role in the crime.

Federal prosecutors believe Cecily Aguilar of Killeen, the town adjacent to Fort Hood, helped Army Spc. Aaron Robinson, 20, of Illinois, dispose of Guillen’s body in a wooded area near the Leon River, several miles from the sprawling military installation. Robinson bludgeoned Guillen, 20, with a hammer and later dismembered her, authorities said.


Army Spc. Vanessa Guillen was missing for several weeks. Her remains were found and identified earlier this month. Her family believes she was subjected to sexual harassment by Robinson, putting the Army on the defensive about how the military addresses such claims.

Robinson fatally shot himself as homicide investigators closed in on him. Khawam said Aguilar tried deleting her Google accounts and fleeing the country.

Host Sandra Smith asked Khawam if she thinks Guillen’s family will get answers.

“I absolutely do think so,” she said in response. “Our president loves our troops, he loves our military and he loves our veterans and I believe that we are going to work together and we’re going to find an answer here to help everybody.”

“Not just to give Vanessa Guillen’s family some answers and some hope, but all of the U.S. some answers and some hope,” she continued.

The Guillen family will meet with President Trump on July 29, one day before the #IAmVanessaGuillen Bill is presented to Congress, according to Khawam. It would create a third party where military members could report sexual assault and harassment.

A Fort Hood spokesperson did not immediately return Fox News’ call seeking comment.

Fox News’ Louis Casiano and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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