Spiranac added to rumors that players may be struggling with celibacy in the bubble at Disney World Orlando, where they have been since mid-July, by suggesting that there could be a code of honor under which players would be allowed to break lockdown guidelines by inviting guests in for sex.

In what has been dubbed the “snitch hotline”, players are encouraged to contact the NBA to report any potential breaches of the rules during a period when they are not allowed visitors for at least five weeks.

“Do you think it’s different, though, when it comes to p*ssy?” the Instagram bombshell asked on her podcast, which she has previously used to discuss her dating disasters.

“Like an unspoken bro p*ssy code where if you have a girl there, you don’t say anything, but it’s like if you don’t wear a mask, [it’s a] free-for-all?

“If I didn’t like them, I would snitch. That is such a b*tch move – I would pull that all day long.

“If I don’t like you, I’m not going to give you the respect to text you. I’m going to tell on you.”

NBA pundit Stephen A Smith caused controversy when he strenuously insisted that players would struggle to last three weeks on their own, and an Instagram model subsequently said she had already had an invite from an unnamed star to enter the bubble.

“PornHub is just constantly running,” Spiranac joked.

“It’s just streaming live the entire time.

“I have gone to a hotel to visit a professional athlete before. It is the most awkward experience because you walk in and you know the receptionist is looking at you like, ‘Yeah, you’re a sl*t, I know where you’re going.’

“All the girls walk in, there’s a way that they do it. But how do you do that in a bubble?

“It’s already awkward doing it in a hotel when nothing’s going on.

“I would either have to leave before him and the team or after. Are girls just stuck in the bubble with these guys now?”

“I feel bad for them but I don’t feel bad for them. They’re making it seem like they’re in a motel with no clean sheets.

“I would be thriving. I would have no contact with anyone from the outside world.

“I could stay in my little hotel, have Twitter fights… it would be great. I would have no social interaction with anyone, so I would be totally fine.

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