KOMSOMOLSK-ON-AMUR, July 29. /TASS/. The Amur Shipbuilding Plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in the Russian Far East held a ceremony to lay down a Project 22800 Karakurt-class cruise missile corvette, a TASS correspondent reported from the scene.

The keel-laying ceremony was attended by acting Khabarovsk Region Governor Mikhail Degtyaryov.

“Today we are laying down the fourth Karakurt-class ship… I hope that today we are doing our work timely, qualitatively and within the schedule, which is assessed by the Defense Ministry,” Amur Shipbuilding Plant CEO Vladimir Kulakov said at the keel-laying ceremony.

The chief executive said he hoped that the Shipyard would get new customers’ orders.

The new ship has been named the Pavlovsk. In 2019, the Amur Shipbuilding Plant laid down three Karakurt-class cruise missile corvettes.

Project 22800 Karakurt-class missile corvettes are a Russian series of green-water multipurpose missile/artillery warships. The corvettes of this class developed by specialists of the St. Petersburg-based Almaz Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) displace about 800 tonnes, develop a speed of over 30 knots and their sea endurance is 15 days.

Karakurt-class corvettes are armed with Kalibr-NK cruise missiles and upgraded AK-176MA 76.2mm artillery guns.

The Amur Shipbuilding Plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) has been in operation since 1936 and is the largest shipyard in the Russian Far East. The Amur Shipyard has the production capacities and technologies for building and repairing military and civilian ships with a displacement of up to 25,000 tonnes.

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