She had claimed he died of an overdose. 

Russia’s Investigative Committee charged Marina Kokhal with murder and believes she killed her husband during a quarrel, although how is unknown. She then cut up the body “in order to hide the traces of the crime,” investigators said.  Kokhal maintains that she did not kill the artist, whose real name is Alexander Yushko.

On July 29, St. Petersburg police discovered the rapper’s dismembered body after his wife’s lawyer passed the information onto law enforcement. His corpse was cut up into pieces and packed in five bags. According to the woman, her husband died of a drug overdose, and she opted to make him “disappear” so he wouldn’t have an “inglorious” death, and his reputation would be spared. According to popular Telegram channel Baza, Cartwright’s organs were cleaned in a washing machine, and his body parts were dumped in salt before being stored in the fridge.

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