Hannity to Levin: America will not survive a Biden-led ‘socialist experiment’

Sean Hannity joined “Life, Liberty & Levin” this week to discuss what he described as the dire situation facing the United States should former Vice President Joe Biden defeat President Trump in November’s election.

“I have a five-alarm fire in my heart, my mind and my soul right now for this country,” Hannity, the host of “Hannity” on Fox News Channel and the author of the forthcoming book “Live Free Or Die: America on the Brink,” told host Mark Levin.


“The … stated policies in this election of this very feeble, very confused, seemingly very weak Joe Biden, if they are ever implemented — Mark Levin, you know [what they mean] because you’ve written the books on statism and you have written the books on liberty and tyranny,” Hannity continued.

“Whenever you have socialism, radicalism, statism, that [tyranny] is usually what follows thereafter. I think everything that has made this country great, everything that has made us the shining city on the hill, is riding on this election.”

Focusing on Biden and the Democrats’ campaign platform, Hannity said the party’s presumptive nominee had “adopted Bolshevik Bernie [Sanders]’s entire economic agenda. He’s actually plagiarized it … He’s pledging trillions, not billions, but trillions of dollars to AOC’s [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s] Green New Deal.”

Hannity then raised the specter of Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., holding the levers of power in Washington if Republicans are soundly beaten in November.

“Schumer, Pelosi, Biden. What have they done?” he asked rhetorically. “I’ll ask every American watching ‘Live, Liberty & Levin’, what has Schumer, Pelosi, and Joe Biden accomplished? Because combined, they’ve been in the swamp in Washington, Mark, for 125 years.”

Hannity warned that if the Democratic party platform is implemented following a Biden victory, “that is socialism [with] a history of failure.”

“Wherever it has been implemented … the results have been catastrophic,” he said.

Hannity theorized that socialist policies hold a  “psychological appeal” to voters by implicitly promising to “remove all the natural stress in one’s life.”

“[Socialists say], ‘We’ll be taking care of a guaranteed government job, guaranteed government wage. We’re going to guarantee a government vacation. We’re going to guarantee government healthy food. We’re going to guarantee government health care. We’re going to guarantee government retirement,'” he said.

“Well, OK, let’s look at the history of how government in this country alone is now working,” he added. “You know, we see the anarchy. We see the violence. New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles. It’s unfolding right before our very eyes. What do all of those cities have in common? They’ve all been run by liberal Democrats now for decades.”

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