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Rep. Jim Clyburn, who has compared President Trump to a fascist dictator, said that the military needs to come up with a plan for how to oust the president if he refuses to leave office should he lose the 2020 election.

“I do believe military leadership in this country needs to take a look at how they conduct themselves if this man starts making extraordinary, or should I say extraconstitutional, demands,” the House Majority Whip said referring to Trump.

Clyburn, A Democrat from Maryland, questioned Trump’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin and said that he believes that Trump intends to remain president for life and is wondering how the results of the electoral college could be enforced.


“He said he was on the phone with Putin seven or eight times recently, nobody knows what he’s talking about,” Clyburn, the third-ranking Democrat in the House, said referring to Trump. “This guy really does not plan to go quietly if he is not reelected.”

He added he does not believe Trump would “go quietly” even after 2024 if reelected.

“This guy intends to install himself…. to be president for life,” he said. “He has said that jokingly but he means that. He doesn’t tell jokes, he means everything he says.”

Earlier this week, Clyburn made headlines when he compared Trump to Benito Mussolini and Russian President Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler. Clyburn later doubled down on that statement in an interview with TMZ.

“I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t believe it,” he said.


Clyburn has a history of making inflammatory remarks and comparing the present United States to Germany during the Third Reich.

In July, Clyburn seemed to compare federal law enforcement in Portland to Nazi Germany’s Gestapo police force. “That kind of activity is the activity of a police state, and this president and this attorney general seem to be doing everything they possibly can to impose Gestapo activities in local communities, and that is what I have been warning about for a long time. I do believe that this election is all about the preservation of the greatest democracy that this country has ever known,” Clyburn said.

Clyburn later denied making the comparison. “I know myself a little bit. I don’t know if I ever compared what they’re doing to the Gestapo,” Clyburn told “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Sunday.

“It’s right there in the transcript,” host Pete Hegseth responded.

“I said I don’t think so,” Clyburn said. “Maybe I did. I’m never one to think I never can misspeak, but that is not to say that’s not what I feel.”

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