Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on testing positive and then negative for coronavirus.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine‘s experience of testing positive for the coronavirus Thursday before testing negative in a follow-up test “certainly scared me,” the Republican told “Your World” Friday.

“I went to Cleveland, drove to Cleveland to meet the president,” DeWine told host Neil Cavuto. “Then, of course, when you go meet the president, you get a test and they do a quick test. So they did do what’s called an antigen test. And they came back very quickly and said, ‘You’re positive.'”


The governor added that he was “surprised” at his positive test and called doctors at Ohio State University about getting tested again.

“So we went down and my wife and I and several other people who’re around me all the time got tests yesterday. And then last night it came back negative,” Dewine said. “They reran it again, came back negative. We’re going to take another test tomorrow and we hope it comes back as negative as well.”

The second test was a PCR test, which DeWine’s office said was “extremely sensitive, as well as specific, for the virus.” DeWine’s wife Fran and his and staff members also tested negative.

DeWine assured Cavuto the PCR test he took late Thursday was the “gold standard” test most people receive.

“Frankly, the only reason that I guess the White House wanted us to take this quick test yesterday,” he said, “was because it was a quick test.”

Fox News’ Megan Henney and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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