Whether it’s achieved by creative combinations of eyeshadow, eyeliner, and fake lashes, or by lifting and taping the brows, ‘fox eyes’ is a term used to describe the sculpting of the eye area into an elongated, almond shape, a la Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid.

Think it’s pretty? You thought wrong, you racist! That’s according to a CNN article published on Tuesday, that exposes the trend for the “racist” piece of “cultural appropriation” that it is. According to the student blogger CNN got in touch with for the report, the trend looks disturbingly similar to the ‘ching chong eyes’ gesture schoolchildren would make to bully her. 

Even when it’s not done in jest, the practice “exoticizes and eroticizes” Asian eyes, because of “privilege and power,” a University of Kansas sociology professor chimed in.

Now that CNN’s cultural commissars have spoken, you can throw away the tape and scrub off those carefully-drawn eyeliner flicks, you fascist.

Some influencers and social media posters want the trend to end, with one California-based group of activists calling it a symptom of “internationalized racism” against Asians and another calling it “problematic.”

However, CNN was hounded on Twitter for its fashion policing.

‘Fox eyes’ aren’t the only beauty trend identified as “problematic” by the woke media. Hoop earrings, dreadlocks and tattoos have all been highlighted as racist by the commentariat. On a long enough timeline, though, perhaps the uber-woke and the demure right-wing ‘trad girls’ will finally agree that western women should stick to their grandma’s wardrobes and makeup bags.

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