Valerie Trierweiler, the ex-partner of Francois Hollande has lost her job as a journalist at the publication where she has worked for the past 30 years. 

Trierweiler, 55, who dated Hollande during his presidency between 2012 ans 2017 before he left her for actress Julie Gayet, 48, is said to be ‘in shock’ after receiving the news. 

It was reported by French journalists that Paris Match, where the journalist had held a rock solid position for the past three decades, wanted to replace its old contributors with younger once to renew it’s editorial line. 

Valerie Trierweiler joined Paris Match in 1989 and wrote about politics, before taking over its literature section in 2005. 

Taking to Twitter, she said she was ‘in a state of shock’ following the ‘brutal’ announcement. 

‘I’ve heard right in the middle of summer and during my annual leave, and in a extremely brutal manner that I had been dismissed by Paris Match, where I had been working for 30 years,’ she wrote. 

‘This dismissal, with no valid motive, leaves me in a state of shock and astonishment,’ she added.   

The news was communicated to the public yesterday by fellow French journalist based in New York Sandra Muller, who wrote on Twitter that Hervé Gattegno, who became general director of Paris Match’s redaction in October 2019, had let Trierweiler go. 

‘According to our information, Valerie Trierweiler, long-time ‘quill’ of Paris Match, first at its political section than in later years, in charge of its literature section, as been ‘thanked’ by Hervé Gattegno.’

Muller went on to add the decision was born out of Gattegno’s plan to breathe some fresh air into the Paris Match redaction.  

‘The general director wants to renew the figures in the weekly’s newsroom, which is too affected by seniority. More departures are to be expected,’ she wrote in a second tweet. 

However, Paris Match have not publicly addressed the issue and have not disclosed any of the reason that could have motivated the long-standing journalist’s dismissal. 

Trierweiler started her journalism career with Paris Match right off the gate, having graduated from the Paris-Sorbonne 1 university in 1988, when she was 24 years old. 

She first met Francois Hollande aged 23 at a the parliamentary election of 1988. At the time, the future president was already in a relationship with Segolene Royal, whom he had met in the 1970s. 

Trierweiler and Hollande reportedly started dating in 2007, while she was still married to Paris Match sub-editor Denis Trierweiler, whom she had married in 1995.

In 2010, after the officialisation of her divorce and his separation from Royal, Hollande and her made their relationship public. 

Two years later, Hollande was elected president in 2012 and Trierweiler became the first ever non married First Lady to live at the Elysee Palace. 

However, on January 10 2014, the news broke that Francois Hollande was cheating on Trierweiler with French actress Julie Gayet, then 41. 

It was understood the French president visited his girlfriend in an apartment she kept not too far from the head of state’s residence, while an unsuspecting Trierweiler went about her day.    

Rumours soon followed, including incorrect reports that Gayet, then 41, was expecting Hollande’s child for June 2014.

After a very public infedility and an equally break-up with the president, Trierwieler published a tell-all book, Thank You For This Moment, in late 2014.  

Hollande and Gayet are reportedly still dating, though their joint appearances are rare.

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