The best meteor shower of the year brought with it stunning fireballs and bright trails of dust that illuminated the night sky this week. Millions of people around the world marveled as the Perseids meteor shower peaked Tuesday and Wednesday — a spectacular conclusion to a summer filled with cosmic phenomena that included a once-in-a-lifetime comet

The annual meteor shower is popular for bringing up to 100 meteors per hour, bright tails of color and explosive fireballs. The stunning meteors are leftover particles from the comet Swift-Tuttle, which last passed through the inner solar system in 1992.

Astrophotographers around the world are sharing their best photos of the celestial event. But, it’s not too late to check out the meteor shower for yourself — Perseids is active through August 24. 

Spektakl gwiazd 💫🚀 #perseids#instagood#sky#star#nightphotography#nightlife#nightsky#nikon#milkyway#poland#friends#photooftheday#photography

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Quick trip to the desert to check out the Perseid meteor shower. I saw a lot throughout the night but only managed to catch a few of them in frame. Fun to try some astrophotography again

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First Perseids 💥🌎🌲 The most favorite meteor shower’s coming also this year! In last July’s days first Perseid’s meteors appeared in the sky and in a few days, the night sky will be enriched by hundreds of meteors per night. Keep Your wishes and be prepared 🙂 Photo was made on August the 1st and attentive observer sees the gegenschein and zodiacal bridge near the planets Jupiter and Saturn 🙂 SK ČLÁNOK: #nature #astronomy #science #astrophotography #slovakia #hightatras #praveslovenske #vysoketatry #zodiacallight #milkyway #shootingstar #meteor #airglow #perseids #meteors #yourshotphotographer #europe #planet #forest #witns

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Perseids meteor shower composite of several individual meteor shots and 16 Milky Way images stacked in starry landscape stacker. It was great to see anything as there was a significant fog on the drive up. Enjoyed the heavenly show with some photographer friends last night Sony A7iii Sony 16-35mm GM shot at 16mm, iso 6400, 15 sec #perseids #sonya7iii #sonyalpha #perseidsmeteorshower #nightscape #milkyway #milkywayphotography #milkywaychasers #thefullirish_ #raw_ireland #bestirelandpics #ig_ireland_ #wicklowway #meteorshower

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