VLADIVOSTOK, RUSSIA. AUGUST 28, 2015. The Russian destroyer Marshal Shaposhnikov of the Russian Pacific Fleet takes part in a parade in the Gulf of Peter the Great as part of the joint Russian-Chinese military exercises “Naval Cooperation-2015”. Yuri Smityuk/TASS Ðîññèÿ. Âëàäèâîñòîê. 28 àâãóñòà 2015. Áîëüøîé ïðîòèâîëîäî÷íûé êîðàáëü “Ìàðøàë Øàïîøíèêîâ” Òèõîîêåàíñêîãîôëîòà ÐÔ âî âðåìÿ âîåííî-ìîðñêîãî ïàðàäà â ðàìêàõ çàâåðøåíèÿ ðîññèéñêî-êèòàéñêèõ âîåííî-ìîðñêèõ ó÷åíèé “Ìîðñêîå âçàèìîäåéñòâèå – 2015” â çàëèâå Ïåòðà Âåëèêîãî. Þðèé Ñìèòþê/ÒÀÑÑ

MOSCOW, August 13. /TASS/. The Pacific Fleet’s frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov capable of employing Kalibr and Uran cruise missiles after its upgrade took to the Sea of Japan for continuing shipbuilders’ sea trials, the Fleet’s press office reported on Thursday.

“The crew and specialists of the Dalzavod Ship Repair Center checked the operation of the ship’s main propulsion unit, systems and mechanisms in various modes, including at the maximum speed. Following the results of its deployment to the sea, a decision will be made on the timeframe of holding the next stages of trials, in particular, the take-offs and landings of shipborne Ka-27 helicopters on the frigate’s deck,” the press office said in a statement.

Also on August 13, the Marshal Shaposhnikov was placed on the stand for checking the ship’s physical fields, the statement says.

The ship’s repairs with its upgrade are underway at the Dalzavod Ship Repair Center in Vladivostok in the Russian Far East. Shipbuilders repaired the frigate’s sea valves and hull structures and installed new equipment. In addition to anti-submarine warfare and air defense capabilities, the frigate received Kalibr-NK and Uran cruise missile launchers and advanced artillery armament. The frigate is set to rejoin the Pacific Fleet by the end of this year. 

The Marshal Shaposhnikov entered service with the Russian Navy as a large anti-submarine warfare ship. Its upgrade involved installing standardized shipborne launchers for Kalibr-NK and Oniks missiles, which boosted its combat capabilities and allowed it to be qualified as a frigate. In the future, the frigate will get Tsirkon hypersonic missiles.

Following the upgrade of the Marshal Shaposhnikov, all the Project 1155 other seven ships are slated for their modernization.

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