Joe Biden is poised to accept his party’s presidential nomination Thursday night, capping a very unconventional four-day virtual Democratic National Convention with the biggest speech of his lengthy political career.

The former vice president’s highly anticipated remarks follow a night in which Kamala D. Harris, the Black daughter of immigrants from India and Jamaica, became the first woman of color to accept the nomination for vice president from a major political party.

Hours before Biden appears on Thursday, President Trump plans to stage an event in Pennsylvania, where aides say he will detail “a half century of Joe Biden failing America.”

The morning after Trump gave a major boost to the baseless QAnon conspiracy theory, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) called it “nuts” and said, “Real leaders call conspiracy theories conspiracy theories.”

“If Democrats take the Senate, blow up the filibuster, and pack the Supreme Court — garbage like this will be a big part of why they won,” Sasse, a Republican who speaks his mind about Trump more freely than most, said in a statement.

On Wednesday, Trump said that he appreciated the support of QAnon followers, calling them “people that love our country.”

Pressed at a White House briefing about the online movement, which the FBI has identified as a potential domestic terrorist threat, he claimed not to know anything about it other than the affection its adherents have for him. But when a reporter outlined the erroneous claims underlying the theory — “that you are secretly saving the world from this Satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals” — Trump seemed to embrace that role for himself.

“I don’t know much about the movement; I understand they like me very much, which I appreciate,” Trump said. “I heard these are people that love our country.”

“QAnon believes you are secretly saving the world from this cult of pedophiles and cannibals. Are you behind that?” a reporter pressed.

“I haven’t heard that. Is that supposed to be a bad thing or a good thing?” Trump responded. “If I can help save the world from problems, I am willing to do it. I’m willing to put myself out there. And we are actually, we’re saving the world.”

QAnon took root on Internet message boards in the fall of 2017 with posts from someone who claimed to be a government insider identified as “Q.” The pseudonymous figure posted cryptic clues about Trump’s impending conquest over the “deep state,” spawning an elaborate far-right worldview that came to absorb many other debunked ideas.

Hours before Biden is slated to formally accept the Democratic nomination Thursday, Trump plans to stage an event in Pennsylvania near the former vice president’s childhood home that Trump’s campaign has billed as a recounting of “a half century of Joe Biden failing America.”

Democrats are dismissing Trump’s speech, planned at a building products company in Old Forge, Pa., as a stunt designed to detract from Biden’s big night.

Biden, who grew up in Scranton, Pa., will deliver his acceptance speech at a venue near his home in Wilmington, Del., capping his party’s highly unconventional four-day convention.

Trump’s appearance in Pennsylvania will be his fifth in a presidential battleground state this week. Earlier, he touched down for events in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Arizona.

In 2016, Trump carried Pennsylvania by less than a percentage point over Democrat Hillary Clinton. Recent polling has shown Biden with a lead in the state this year.

Earlier Thursday, Trump is scheduled to welcome Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi to the White House for bilateral meetings.

Chinese wisecrackers have coined the moniker “Chuan Jianguo” for President Trump, a Communist-sounding name that means “Building-the-Nation Trump.” The punchline is that if there is one country Trump is making great, it’s China.

Jokes aside, the Trump presidency, despite bringing economic turmoil and technological setbacks to China, has provided useful opportunities for China’s top leader Xi Jinping and the country’s security establishment.

As Americans weigh the choice between Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden in coming weeks, the Chinese leadership in Beijing is also facing consequential questions: whether another four years of Trump, or a Biden presidency, would be more beneficial for China’s strategic aims, and how Beijing should react to either man in the Oval Office.

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Election officials are racing to install more ballot drop boxes and secure large venues for Election Day voting, part of an urgent push to reassure Americans worried about trusting their ballots to a U.S. Postal Service engulfed in a political storm.

State and local election officials say they have been inundated with calls from residents distrustful of voting by mail, given widespread reports of postal delays in recent weeks, as well as Trump’s public hostility to the practice.

“We’re facing a crisis here, a major crisis,” said Steuart Pittman, the top official in Anne Arundel County, Md., outside Baltimore. “If this election is not carried out in a way that people accept the result, we’ll have a national crisis.”

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As she accepted the Democratic nomination for vice president on Wednesday night, Harris recounted how she had been taught to “put family first.”

That covers both “the family you’re born into and the family you choose,” she said. Family is her husband, she said, and her two stepchildren. Her sister, her sorority, her best friend, her godchildren. And then, she added, “Family is my uncles, my aunts and my chittis.”

That last word, a Tamil term of endearment for the younger sisters of one’s mother, was met with a fierce outpouring of pride across social media on Wednesday night.

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On the day he announced his candidacy for president in 2019, Joe Biden said the coming campaign would be a battle for the soul of America. The Democratic National Convention has embraced and amplified that theme with extraordinary attacks on President Trump and a warning that the very foundations of the nation are on the ballot this November.

The assault has been led by some of the most prominent Democrats in the country. It began Monday night with former first lady Michelle Obama, who, with a tone of moral outrage, declared the president beyond unfit to lead the country. It continued Tuesday with former president Bill Clinton arguing that the Oval Office has become a “storm center” of chaos, rather than a command center.

On Wednesday night, it reached a crescendo when former president Barack Obama issued an urgent call to arms with language rarely spoken in public by one president about another. Obama’s prime-time address included an ominous portrayal of an America whose worst impulses have been unleashed under this president and whose democratic institutions are under attack and threatened if Trump wins a second term.

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Hillary Clinton sought Wednesday to channel the lessons, energy and disappointment of her campaign to become the first female president into an effort to unseat the man who defeated her, urging Democrats who never fully unified around her to come together against President Trump.

Since Clinton’s loss to Trump in 2016, many Democrats have seen her as the rightful winner — robbed by the electoral college, Russia’s intervention and her own mistakes. For Trump supporters, who cheered his promises to “lock her up,” Clinton remains the personification of the liberal establishment and all Trump is fighting.

On Wednesday, Clinton ceded the role of anti-Trump to Joe Biden and the status of exciting trailblazer to Kamala Harris.

“I know something about the slings and arrows she’ll face, and believe me, this former district attorney and attorney general can handle them all,” Clinton said in an address aired live from her home in Chappaqua, N.Y.

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Kamala D. Harris gave her acceptance speech at the third night of the Democratic convention, a night after Joe Biden officially became the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee. Get takeaways from the convention’s third night. What to know about the schedule and speakers.

Former vice president Joe Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala D. Harris, lead President Trump and Vice President Pence by 53 percent to 41 percent among registered voters, according to the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll.

More Americans can vote by mail in November than before the pandemic; find out which states have changed rules. Barring a landslide, we may not have a result in the presidential election on Nov. 3. See what elections are coming up and which have moved.

Trump and Biden are scheduled to debate three times this fall; here’s what to know about the 2020 presidential debates.

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