Band-Aid, the adhesive bandage brand under US pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, released a special edition of bandages in Shanghai to celebrate the brand’s 100-year anniversary on Thursday.

The company also unveiled a special exhibition in a pavilion in downtown Shanghai to showcase Band-Aid’s 100-year history and the latest technology progress it has made. The exhibition will be open to the public for free from Aug 21 to 26.

This year also marks the 30th year since Band-Aid entered the Chinese market. When COVID-19 started to hit China at the beginning of the year, Johnson & Johnson China made quick moves by introducing an isopropyl alcohol product only for the Chinese market. While the decision was made at the end of February, the product was available on online and offline shops at the end of April — the shortest time Johnson & Johnson has spent to get a new product approved in China, according to Deng Xu, managing director of the consumer health department of Johnson & Johnson China.

At present, the newly introduced alcohol product is available at major online platforms such as and Tmall, as well as more than 10,000 physical stores.

As Deng further explained, Johnson & Johnson will further explore the disinfection product market in China by first launching the isopropyl alcohol. The company will further integrate online and offline channels to be more deeply rooted in the Chinese market, he said.

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