The Federalist publisher Ben Domenech reacts to the first night of the RNC.

The Democratic Party’s decision “not to speak about the violence” and riots in cities across the country  during the Democratic National Convention is “equivalent to the major political mistake of 2016 of Hillary Clinton never going to Wisconsin,” The Federalist publisher Ben Domenech said on Tuesday.

Domenech made the comment on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning after the first night of the Republican National Convention and after Portland Police declared another riot after a fire was set at the city’s police union headquarters amid ongoing protests against racial injustice.

Portland has experienced more than 80 consecutive nights of unrest following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody in May. Several other cities, including Minneapolis, have experienced protests, which have turned violent since then.

On Tuesday Domenech said he thinks “the choice of the DNC not to address” the unrest “at all is a real mistake.”

“I think that we may look back at the Democratic convention, if Donald Trump goes on to win reelection, and view Joe Biden’s decision and the decision of the Democratic Party not to speak about the violence and riots that we see in these major cities as equivalent to the major political mistake of 2016 of Hillary Clinton never going to Wisconsin,” he added.


“I think that their choice not to address this, not to say that they condemn it, not to say that no matter what we need to do when it comes to police reform, it does not justify the burning in Kenosha, Wis., of auto dealerships, of a church that itself had in front of it a message of Black Lives Matter, that that does not bring anyone back, that it does not end any of our problems and that it represents a degree of radical and violent leftism that I think people are very concerned about taking over the country in serious ways,” Domenech continued.

He stressed that that message “should be condemned by Democrats and Republicans alike.”

Host Steve Doocy noted on Tuesday that “the Democrats did their best to portray Joe Biden as a good guy” during the DNC “and last night what I heard Republicans essentially say was, ‘Joe Biden is a good guy, but a good guy does not allow the anti-cop chaos in the streets or raise your taxes or turn America into a socialist country.’”

In response, Domenech said, “It’s to their credit that they [Republicans] didn’t engage in any character assassination against Joe Biden,” adding that he thinks Republicans “focused a lot more on policy and on the issues.”

Fox News David Aaro contributed to this report.

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