At least four people tested positive for COVID-19 at the Republican National Convention in North Carolina, county officials said Friday. The RNC told CBS News that all four — two prospective attendees and two support staff — were immediately sent home. 

Mecklenburg County, where the first night of the convention was held, said Thursday evening that officials conducted approximately 792 coronavirus tests of attendees and workers. 

“[Positive] individuals were immediately issued isolation instructions and any known close contacts were notified and issued quarantine instructions by Mecklenburg County Public Health (MCPH),” officials said. 

The county also said that any further details about the RNC and coronavirus will be reported in the “After Action Report.” It did not specify when that report would be released. 

The RNC said that it had a contact tracing protocol in place and that attendees were required to wear masks and social distance. Attendees were also required to complete a daily temperature screening and wellness questionnaire.

“The RNC had diligent safety protocols in place, including testing all attendees before arriving in Charlotte, and again upon arrival,” RNC Communications Director Michael Ahrens told CBS News on Friday. “Out of roughly 1,000 tests administered, two RNC attendees, despite having negative tests prior to travel, and two Charlotte locals who planned to serve as event support staff tested positive upon arrival. All were sent home.”

The RNC went through several iterations due to health and safety concerns and ultimately was scaled down. Most speeches were pre-recorded, but crowds still gathered in-person in various cities for the event. 

More than 1,500 supporters, former White House officials and Republican lawmakers gathered for the fourth and final night of the convention Thursday on the South Lawn of the White House, sparking further concern over potential disease spread. 

Not all attendees wore masks and not all were tested for the coronavirus, though the Trump campaign said it was complying with federal and local guidelines.

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