–осси€. –оссийские истребители —у-27 были подн€ты дл€ перехвата бомбардировщиков ¬-52H ¬¬— —Ўј и разведывательных самолетов, зафиксированных дежурными силам ѕ¬ќ «ападного военного округа над Ѕалтикой на значительном удалении от границ –‘. »стребители не допустили нарушени€ государственной границы –‘. –азведчики и бомбардировщики ¬¬— —Ўј и стран Ќј“ќ проводили полеты над Ѕалтикой в рамках учений —евероатлантического аль€нса Baltops 2020. ћаксимально возможное качество. —нимок с видео/ѕресс-служба ћинобороны –‘/“ј——

MOSCOW, September 1. /TASS/. The Su-27 fighter, Russia scrambled to identify the US Air Force B-52H strategic bomber, was flying over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea, without violating the Danish border, Russia’s Defense Ministry’s spokesman told reporters on Tuesday.

“The Defense Ministry has denied the statement of the North Atlantic Alliance about the violation of the Danish state border by Russia’s Su-27 fighter,” the official said.

Earlier, NATO issued a statement that that a B52 bomber of the United States Air Force was intercepted by a Russian Su-27 fighter in international airspace over the Baltic Sea. According to the statement, the Russian fighter followed the B52 well into Danish airspace over the island, committing a significant violation of airspace of a NATO nation.

The Defense Ministry noted that the flight was carried out in strict accordance with the international airspace regulations, without violating the borders of other states. This is confirmed by means of objective control, the ministry stressed.

On August 31, Russian airspace control over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea detected three air targets approaching the Russian state border. To identify them, three Su-27s from the air defense forces of the Baltic Fleet were scrambled. Crews of Russian fighters identified the aerial targets as US Air Force B-52H strategic bombers. Russian fighters returned to their home base after the American aircraft left the Russian state border.

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