An anti-Trump group is calling for nationwide protests on Saturday — seeking to fuel the left-wing protests that have roiled the country throughout the summer.

The left-wing group “Refuse Facism” is organizing the nationwide events, in places like New York City, Cleveland, Philadelphia and the Hatfield Courthouse in Portland — where protests and riots have hit the federal property for more than 100 days.


“On September 5th, we must make a LIVING DECLARATION to the world that we are uniting, we are organizing, we are determined, we are preparing to struggle with all we’ve got, starting now and not stopping until the Trump/Pence regime is driven from power and its fascist program brought to a halt,” the group said in a statement.

Elsewhere, protests are planned for Detroit, Houston, San Francisco and Chicago. According to Reuters, the group has protests planned in 23 cities all together.

“Since impeachment, Trump has more and more declared himself to be above the law and to be the law,” said Coco Das, who identified herself as spokeswoman for the group, told the outlet. “What they’re aiming for is a white-supremacist, Christian-supremacist, male-supremacist fascist America.”


It’s part of a number of protests from a multitude of groups across the summer that have primarily focused on systemic racism and alleged police brutality against Black men — including George Floyd and Jacob Blake. While a number of protests have been peaceful, a significant number have devolved into rioting and looting.

Cities including Chicago, Portland and Kenosha, Wis., have all seen devastating riots that have trashed property and businesses and seen police officers attacked and injured.

On Friday, there were violent protests in Rochester, N.Y., in reaction to recently released police body-camera footage of the March arrest of Daniel Prude, a Black man who died of asphyxiation a week later.

Rioters set fires, vandalized property and threw objects at police, who declared the unrest an unlawful assembly after the evening started peacefully, reports said.

More than 300 miles away, protesters in New York City also turned violent, resulting in an unspecified number of arrests, .

Such violence has become a key election issue, with both President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden accusing each other of not doing enough to combat the violence.

Fox News’ Brie Stimson contributed to this report.

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