Trump campaign senior advisor Mercedes Schlapp joins America’s Newsroom’s Trace Gallagher with insight on the upcoming election

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden‘s economic record does not look good compared to President Trump‘s, Trump campaign senior adviser Mercedes Schlapp argued Thursday.

A new poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Cook Political Report found that 32 percent of voters in Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina ranked the economy as the most important issue when it comes to electing a president.

“The economy is the defining issue of this election,” Schlapp told “America’s Newsroom.”

“We saw poverty rate levels at a record low, especially for Hispanics and Black Americans,” she said under the Trump administration. “We’ve seen median income increase significantly. We’ve seen the fact that his economic policies have worked for our country and we have the results to prove it.”


Host Trace Gallagher pointed out Democrats see the economy as the former vice president’s Achilles heel.

“Compare that to Joe Biden, where we know that Joe Biden is focused on this $4 trillion tax burden on American families,” Schlapp explained. “He would destroy the economy. Joe Biden would destroy our jobs.”

She added, “We cannot afford, especially during this global pandemic, to go back to the Obama-Biden economic policies. We know they don’t work. It was the slowest recovery since the Great Depression and it is why we need to ensure during this time we have the right economic president and that is Donald Trump.”

When asked about Trump’s tweets on unsolicited mail-in ballots, Schlapp warned universal mail-in voting will cause “chaos” for local election officials in November, citing cases in North Carolina and New Jersey, as well as others.

“Our focus is voter integrity,” she said. “If a person votes, their vote counts, and they vote only one time.”

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