Visitors dropping litter in a Thai national park could receive an unwelcome souvenir, as they’re warned any trash will be posted back to their homes.

Khao Yai National Park is a popular tourist destination but administrators and officials in Thailand have grown tired of litter ruining the site’s natural beauty and endangering the animals that live there. 

Luckily, Environment Minister Varawut Silpa-archa seems to have come up with a nifty solution.

He shared a photo on social media showing plastic bottles, cans and crisp packets that had been collected and packaged up, ready to be returned to the litterbug who dropped it with a note saying: ‘You forgot these things’. 

The minister also reminded people that anyone caught littering could face up to five years in jail and a hefty fine.

Visitors will now be required to register their home address before entering the park.

Anyone found to have littered can expect to have the trash returned to them and will be reported to local police.

‘Your trash – we will return it to you,’ Varawut warned, singling-out tourists who visited the park’s campsites last weekend for not using the bins provided to dispose of their litter, The Independent reported.

He added that the government was taking action in response to an increase in littering in the park, which is home to elephants, monkeys and deer, among other wildlife.

Speaking to reporter’s following Tuesday’s social media post, Varamut said the park had provided visitors with enough facilities to dispose of rubbish responsibly. 

‘The authorities had facilitated visitors with everything we could have thought of. They only had to come here and enjoy beautiful nature but we never thought that they would leave us with such waste,’ he is quoted as saying by Pattaya News.

‘We kindly ask every tourist to put garbage in the provided areas because the garbage that you left may kill wild animals that come down around the area looking for food. 

‘In this case, we purposefully collected all your rubbish in a box and sent them to your home as a souvenir and a lesson to not litter anywhere ever again.

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