TOKYO — A tropical storm developing in the Pacific Ocean, was slowly sweeping toward Japan on Tuesday, threatening the main island of Honshu with heavy rainfall and harsh winds.

Tropical Storm Dolphin had sustained winds of up to 51 miles per hour as of Tuesday morning.

Heavy rainfall have set off mudslides and flooding in wide areas of Japan recently, and the Japan Meteorological Agency warned even weak storms can wreak havoc.

Dolphin is forecast to bring turbulent seas, wind and rain on a projected course over southern Honshu, including the major city of Osaka and surrounding areas in central Japan, by Wednesday. It will then move northeast over Tokyo, and then to Sendai and nearby areas in northern Japan later in the week, the agency said.

Earlier this month, some parts of Japan and the Korean Peninsula were slammed by Typhoon Haishen, which damaged buildings and flooded roads.

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