BEIJING – Beijing has achieved growth in its investment in the first eight months of this year thanks to the launch and resumption of key projects and the stimulation of social capital investment, local authorities said.

From January to August, the city’s investment volume rose by 0.6 percent to 470.3 billion yuan ($69 billion), an increase of 2.7 billion yuan over the same period last year, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform said Wednesday.

This year, Beijing will continue to implement 100 infrastructure projects, 100 sustainable livelihood projects and 100 key projects in high-tech industries. The investment in these projects will total 1.3 trillion yuan, set to spend 250 billion yuan this year.

Meanwhile, Beijing has launched nearly 1,400 new projects with a total investment of over 750 billion yuan, 1.7 times that of the same period last year.

In terms of investment areas, Beijing saw strong investment growth in the manufacturing industry, with investment jumping 133.4 percent year-on-year to 13.38 billion yuan in the high-tech manufacturing sector.

Beijing has also made greater efforts to release the momentum of social capital investment and stimulate the vitality of market entities. Beijing has promoted the infusion of private capital into 100 projects with a total investment of over 110 billion yuan.

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