Chinese television maker Skyworth Group is beefing up efforts to venture into the 5G-powered 8K ultra-high definition TV segment, especially the whole industrial chain related to the top-notch 8K technology, as it aims to grab a bigger slice of the country’s high-end TV market.

Wang Zhiguo, chairman and president of Shenzhen Skyworth-RGB Electronic, a subsidiary of Skyworth Group, said the company is committed to providing a complete 8K solution that covers 8K video cameras, monitors, content creation and cloud operating systems, and expands application in a wide range of fields such as aerial photography, education, healthcare and advertising.

The company unveiled its new 8K TV product Q71, which supports 8K signal reception, decoding, image signal processing and screen display.

“5G offers technological support for the adoption of 8K, while 8K is one of the best application scenarios of the superfast wireless technology,” said Wu Wei, chief engineer of Skyworth, adding 5G has the advantages of high speed, large capacity and low latency, which brings about a good opportunity for the popularization of 8K ultra-high definition TV.

At present, the domestic 8K TV industry is still in the initial stage, Wu noted, adding Skyworth will intensify research and development efforts in the 8K chip to improve the clarity, contrast and brightness of images.

According to him, the emerging 8K industry will usher in rapid development next year, along with the Winter Olympics and other big sporting events.

The total scale of China’s ultra-high definition video industry is expected to exceed 4 trillion yuan ($586 billion) by 2022, according to an action plan issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Radio and Television Administration and China Media Group.

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