President claims former VP will destroy America by not allowing states to reopen for business

The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee declared President Trump the winner of the first presidential debate against Joe Biden Tuesday night, slamming the former vice president as “too weak” and touting Trump as a “strong president on top of his game.”

The Trump campaign, just moments after Tuesday night’s showdown finished, described the president’s performance as a “resounding victory over Joe Biden.”


“President Trump just turned in the greatest debate performance in presidential history, displaying a command of the facts and control of the conversation,” Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said in a statement Tuesday night.

Stepien criticized Biden, saying the debate “revealed” him as “too weak to be president and spent most of the evening on his heels, unable to explain his 47 years of failure as a Washington politician.”

Stepien went on to say that Biden’s “friends in the liberal media will be unable to spin this as anything other than a miserable failure.”

“Biden is too weak to stand up to the radical left, too weak to stand up to China, too weak to stand up to anti-police leftists, too weak to lead on the economy, and too weak to defeat Covid,” Stepien said.

He added: “Americans saw a strong president on top of his game against an inadequate challenger, who cannot be allowed to become president.”

Meanwhile, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel also touted the president’s performance, saying he made a “confident, commanding and compelling case for his re-election while taking Joe Biden to task for supporting radical policies that would raise taxes, destroy jobs and make our communities less safe.”

“After tonight’s debate, the choice between President Trump’s 47 months of delivering real results versus Joe Biden’s 47 years as a failed, career politician has never been clearer,” McDaniel said. “In 35 days the American people are going to re-elect President Trump to a second-term along with Republicans up and down the ballot.”

The comments come after Trump and Biden faced off for the first time Tuesday night, putting their records and their differences on display for the American people.

The presidential debate began with sparring over the Supreme Court nomination and ObamaCare, but quickly shifted into the two interrupting one another and trading personal barbs.


Leading up to the debate, sources close to the Biden campaign told Fox News that the former vice president wouldn’t engage in personal attacks or respond to any insults leveled against him by Trump.

But Biden, within the first half of the debate, slammed the president as a “liar” and a “clown” and repeatedly called on him to “shut up.”

“Would you shut up, man?” Biden said to Trump, calling him “unpresidential.”

Later, Biden cut Trump off again, saying: “Will he just shush for a minute?”

Meanwhile, the president slammed Biden, saying the former vice president is not “smart.”

“You graduated the lowest in your class,” Trump said to Biden, after he said the president should become “smart” with the coronavirus pandemic.

“Don’t ever use the word smart with me,” Trump said. “Nothing smart about you Joe.”

Biden went on to slam Trump as “the worst president America has ever had.”

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