ASTRAKHAN REGION, RUSSIA – AUGUST 26, 2020: A Tor-M2 anti-aircraft missile system during an exercise held by air defense units of Russia’s Western Military District at the Ashuluk range. Mikhail Metzel/TASS Ðîññèÿ. Àñòðàõàíñêàÿ îáëàñòü. Çåíèòíûé ðàêåòíûé êîìïëåêñ “Òîð-Ì2” âî âðåìÿ ó÷åíèé ðàñ÷åòîâ ñîåäèíåíèé ÏÂÎ Çàïàäíîãî âîåííîãî îêðóãà íà ïîëèãîíå “Àøóëóê”. Ìèõàèë Ìåòöåëü/ÒÀÑÑ

MOSCOW, October 1. /TASS/. A small-size missile for the air defense system Tor-M2 is being created in Russia as a counter-weapon against tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), the commander-in-chief of Russia’s ground forces, General of the Army Oleg Salyukov, told the government-published daily Rossiyskaya Gazeta in an interview.

“Currently the air defense system Tor-M2 is the most effective means against tactical drones. The cost of one guided air defense missile is way above the cost of a small-size drone. For this reason a relatively inexpensive small missile is being developed for this system,” Salyukov said, adding that the 57-mm air defense artillery system Derivatsiya-PVO was about to be finalized.

He stressed that strategic and operative drones were typical targets for the ground forces’ air defenses.

“The existing multi-echelon air defense system guarantees effective protection from them by and large,” Salyukov said.

On Thursday, October 1, Russia’s ground forces mark their professional holiday, established in 2006.

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