Can President Trump flip Nevada or will Joe Biden sweep the board? The Nevada Independent political reporter Megan Messerly weighs in.

The Trump campaign and the Nevada GOP have threatened legal action against Clark County over transparency concerns about the ongoing voting process, with less than two weeks to go before Election Day.

A law firm representing both parties sent a letter to the Nevada Secretary of State this week demanding that Clark County be informed of it “unacceptable” observation protocols, and instructed to rectify them.

The campaign and state Republicans claim that observers have been banned from certain areas where ballots are handled, and have also allegedly been relegated to areas that make it hard for them to meaningfully observe the process.

Additionally, as the number of observers allowed has been limited due to coronavirus-related restrictions, state Republicans have requested the allowance of cameras on premises to enhance public monitoring – which was rejected.

“Please understand that the NVGOP and the Trump Campaign take seriously the integrity of the election process and will not stand idly by while certain officials tread on the rights of the people to participate in the election and have their votes counted,” the letter stated, adding that unless concerns are addressed the parties “will have no alternative other than to seek legal relief.”


The legal team said these efforts amount to “obstruction” of the observation process.

A spokesperson for the Nevada Secretary of State’s office did not return Fox News’ request for comment.

Trump’s team has sought legal relief in other jurisdictions ahead of the election.

As previously reported by Fox News, the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit against Philadelphia for allegedly not allowing poll watchers into early voting centers.

A judge rejected that complaint, but the campaign appealed that decision.

The president has been vocally wary of the mail-in voter process, repeating unfounded concerns about its security.

Both Pennsylvania and Nevada are critical battleground states that are likely to factor heavily into the outcome of the presidential election.

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