Donald Trump Jr. previews the final Trump-Biden presidential debate on ‘Fox & Friends.’

The Trump campaign is up against Big Tech giants and the mainstream media who are practically campaigning for Joe Biden, Donald Trump Jr. told “Fox & Friends.”

Defending his father, the president’s son said the only thing the former vice president has “built up was for his son,” referring to Hunter Biden’s international business dealings.

Pointing out the media’s double standard after the FBI linked the purported Hunter Biden laptop to a money-laundering probe, Trump Jr. said, “the media that ran with the Russia, Russia nonsense for four years, even after it was disproven … hoping and dreaming the Trump family did a fraction of what the Bidens were actually doing and is now verified, is disgusting.”


He added that “social media is censoring it to make sure that people don’t know that the potential president could be 100% compromised, that’s absolutely disgusting.”

“They don’t want this story out. They’ll do whatever they can to protect the corrupted Bidens so that they can basically get Kamala Harris in there,” Trump Jr. said. “It’s about putting Kamala Harris, Bernie’s platform, the radical left into the White House, so they can change the face of America forever.”

Ahead of Thursday’s final presidential debate, The Trump Organization executive vice president said, “You literally can’t make up the nonsense,” referring to the debate moderators being anti-Trump.

President Trump told the co-hosts Tuesday the moderator, NBC’s Kristen Welker, is biased against him.


“Kristen Welker is terrible,” Trump said. “I mean she is totally partisan; her father and mother are big supporters of Joe Biden for a long time. They’re supporters of the Democrat Party, and she deleted her entire account.”

The president’s son points out C-SPAN host Steve Scully, who had been scheduled to moderate an October 15 debate that was canceled, had claimed that his account was hacked after a tweet showing him reaching out to Trump foe Anthony Scaramucci went viral and C-SPAN suspended Scully indefinitely after he admitted that he had not been hacked.

“When you look at the bias we face on a daily basis, it’s literally hard to believe that we are in a free country in America,” Trump Jr. said. “You look at the media. You look at Big Tech censorship going on for the last few weeks, what they’ve done to conservatives accounts literally talking about Joe Biden being compromised by corrupt foreign regimes, at this point, it’s almost irrefutable.”

The New York Post, who broke the Hunter Biden bombshell, has been locked out of its account on Twitter since sharing the story.

“The Biden campaign’s not even denying these things, but they know they can go hide in a basement and let the media do their campaigning,” Trump added. “That’s why we have to be out there, why we have to be on the ground, that’s why we have to be so vocal about it because we are up against a big machine doing whatever they can to help the Democrats win.”

Fox News’ Ronn Blitzer contributed to this report.

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