Former Heisman winner, NFL star reacts to landmark California legislation on ‘The Story.’

Former NFL running back Herschel Walker on Sunday addressed critics who have tried to change his mind regarding his plans to vote for President Donald Trump in the November Election.

“Every day I find someone that’s trying to get me to change my mind of who I think should be the President of the United States who I think is Donald J. Trump,” Walker says in a video posted on his Twitter account Sunday afternoon.

“Someone today said, “Herschel you got to trust the science,” something they got from Joe Biden. And I said, ‘Oh, what scientist are you going to trust? Because different scientists are saying different things. Different doctors are saying different things,” Walker says.


He adds: “Why don’t you trust in the Lord, Jesus Christ? There’s only one of those.”

Walker, 58, has been an outspoken supporter of the president. During an appearance at the Republican National Convention in August, Walker said he developed a “deep, personal friendship” with Trump dating back to 1984, when the president purchased the New Jersey Generals of the now-defunct United States Football League.

“People who think that don’t know what they are talking about. Growing up in the Deep South, I have seen racism up close. I know what it is. And it isn’t Donald Trump,” Walker said.

Fox News’ Daniel Canova contributed to this report. 

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