How can Trump pull off a victory? Insight from pollster Justin Wallin.

Former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said the thought of President Trump winning reelection makes her “literally sick to my stomach” on a podcast released Monday.

“I can’t entertain the idea of him winning, so let’s just preface it by that,” Clinton told journalist Kara Swisher while a guest on her podcast. “Well, because it makes me literally sick to my stomach to think that we’d have four more years of this abuse and destruction of our institutions, and damaging of our norms and our values, and lessening of our leadership, and the list goes on.”


Swisher, whose podcast is part of the New York Times Opinion network, asked if Clinton felt any “fear” that Trump would go after her legally if he wins.

“There’s no doubt that he would do everything he could to attack and punish anyone who was, in his view, an adversary,” Clinton said. “And he would be aided and abetted, sadly, by both elected and appointed officials.”

Chelsea Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton listens as former President Bill Clinton speaks during the annual Clinton Global Initiative conference at the University of Chicago on Oct. 16, 2018 in Chicago. (Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images)

“So, of course, one of the most important accomplishments that I hope we see in this election is a Democratic Senate, where that would be the check that we would need against further abuse of power,” she continued.

Clinton said Trump “lives with this specter of illegitimacy” over the 2016 election, which she lost.

“I don’t think he has any boundaries at all, Kara,” she said. “I don’t think he has any conscience. He’s obviously not a moral, truthful man. So he will do whatever he can to lift himself up. And remember, as I said, he lives with this specter of illegitimacy. He knows more about how he got really elected than we still do. Hopefully, we’ll learn more in the years ahead.”


Clinton has continuously criticized the president since he assumed office. She claimed Trump’s “first allegiance is not to the United States of America” earlier in October.

Trump hasn’t forgotten about her, either, mentioning her by name at a rally on Wednesday.

“Somebody said, ‘Sir, maybe this isn’t good. President Obama’s campaigning for Sleepy Joe Biden.’ I said, ‘That’s good news or bad news? Tell me, are you saying it’s good or it’s bad?’ ‘Well, I guess it’s bad.’ No, it’s good,” Trump said at the rally. “There is nobody that campaigned harder for ‘crooked’ Hillary Clinton than Obama. He was all over the place.”

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