MOSCOW, October 27. /TASS/. The QR-code system currently established in Moscow nightclubs could be extended to other retail and service enterprises, says Moscow retail and service department chairman Alexei Nemeryuk.

“Currently, we believe that this [guest registration] system works, and quite well. Apart from the enterprises, covered by the mayoral decree, it has been voluntarily adopted by many other catering venues – cafes and restaurants. Voluntarily. Maybe, it will be used in other retail enterprises of Moscow,” Nemeryuk said.

He added that Moscow established control over night venues attendance, which allows for prompt epidemiological investigation in case of infection among patrons, and therefore Moscow authorities have no intention to restrict the night establishments’ operation.

“The QR-code system, which works in conjunction with other measures, such as regular raids by the department’s employees, the Administrative and Technical Inspections Union, and the police in regards to compliance with the mask regime bears its results,” Nemeryuk said.

Previously, Russia’s chief sanitary medic Anna Popova recommended prohibiting entertainment events and catering between 23:00 and 06:00, due to the coronavirus spread. According to her resolution, such decisions are to be made by the heads of Russia’s regions. Besides, the document recommends taking additional measures in order to protect people above 65 and people with chronic conditions; ramping up disinfection measures in the public transport, taxi cabs, shopping malls, theaters, concert halls and movies. The decree enters force on October 28.

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