Serbian police have arrested two people in connection with the discovery of seven bodies found in a shipping container in Paraguay.

The human remains were discovered by workers last week in a street outside an office building in Asuncion.

According to prosecutors, the container holding fertiliser had left Serbia in July and arrived at Paraguay’s Terport de Villeta port in October.

Two foreign nationals, from Morocco and Algeria, have been detained on suspicion of organising illegal border crossing for migrants, according to a statement.

The suspects allegedly helped board seven migrants into containers on a freight train to Croatia.

“They are charged that, in agreement with other unidentified persons, they placed the migrants in a container for the transport of goods in rolling stock in order to avoid the border controls,” Serbia’s interior ministry said.

The nationalities of the seven people have not been revealed by officials, but it is believed the migrants died inside the containers.

The two suspects have been detained by Serbian police and will be brought before the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Sremska Mitrovica.

The investigation was carried out by members of Serbia’s Interior Ministry and the Prosecutor’s Office for Organised Crime.

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